Jesus gave His life for our sins.

Why don't you open your heart,

Let Him in?

He paid such a price

So that you and I might have life.

Jesus paid it all on Calvary.

Death has no victory.

The grave has lost its sting.

Because of Him, we now can sing.

We can sing, shout for joy.

We'll be with Jesus forevermore.

Oh Jesus paid it all on Calvary.

"I go to prepare a place just for you.

Trust in Me and My word,

I'm coming back real soon.

No more sorrow, No more pain.

You'll never hunger or thirst again.

Oh, I paid it all on Calvary!"

Inspiration: Poem inspired by the sacrifice that Jesus Christ made on Calvary for the salvation of the world. ~TRP~

© 2021 The Refined Poet, All rights reserved.


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